„Agora’ – ΑΓΟΡΑ“ is what I love in Greece. The word means more than just the market.

Agora was the place people met to talk politics, trade goods, negotiate business, manage the city affairs, worship the Gods, get entertainent, gossip.
Agora was the place of interaction, of sharing information, of arguing, of gaining money and influence.
Agora was the place of the orators, the philosophers, the politicians, the merchants, the priests, the citizens, the customers.
Agora was the place of life, of here and now.

The agora concept ist still alive in Greece

Around Athenas street, at the heart of the Athens market, you encounter the same spirit.
You do not just go there to get a better bargain, buy, pay, go; you go there to talk, to trade rumors, to feel the pulse of the city, the satisfaction or discontent of the citizens, the non specialist’s suggestions on how to get out of the crisis. You go there to trigger surprises that wait for you around the corner.

We went to Mr. Vrahiotis‘ shop to buy what it takes to repair a broken water pipe.
We got top service and free advice on how to fix the problem with as less money as possible (for a total of 10 euro) and had the pleasure to talk with Mr. Vlahiotis and his son Petros about the crisis, fiscal politics and theater.

What a surprise: Petros is a theatrologist who used to teach at the international theatre seminars organized by the University of Athens at Epidaurus.
He was not sure whether the seminars will take place this autumn but we asked him to keep us informed on his next projects.

How do German scholars view ancient Greek drama compared to the views of their Greek colleagues was part of the short and refreshing „lecture“ Petros gave us on the spot.

The is not an exception, dear readers. It is rather the rule in Greece.

Go to the agora, talk to people with a marvelous talent for communication, understand HOW theater was born in this culture and enrich your knowledge of making business! Pleasure is part of the right mix!

We asked Mr. Vrahiotis if we could take a picture of him to commemorate our meeting through this blog. He agreed and was also happy to show us his professional certification.



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